Moving Overseas/Australian Farewell Show Announced

After five years of struggling to keep his Australian residency, and a lack of practical options to sustain it any longer, Michael Beach has regretfully decided to return to America.

Immigrating to Australia in late 2005, Beach founded Electric Jellyfish with Adam Camilleri, Hayden Sweeney, and Patrick Lias, and since that time the band has toured Australia and America twice, and released four EPs, one of which (The Woods) was pressed in America by Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Yod label.  In 2008, Beach released his debut solo album, Blood Courses, to critical acclaim and toured both America (2008) and Australia (2009).  Electric Jellyfish will return to the USA this March (with new drummer Peter Warden) for their third tour, but Michael Beach will remain in America when the tour ends.  There he plans to tour extensively, commence work on a sophomore solo album, and plans to tour Australia as soon as possible.  Electric Jellyfish will release a new EP in March, and will continue to play together whenever they are in the same country.

Michael Beach plays his final Australian solo show for 2010 Friday, February 12th at The Old Bar in Melbourne with Ninety Nine, Do The Robot, and East Brunswick All Girls Choir (solo).


Posted on January 26th, 2010

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