Electric Jellyfish USA 2012 Tour Announced!

—February 24th, 2012

Interview in the SF Bay Guardian

—December 21st, 2011

Read the interview in this week’s SF Bay Guardian with Michael Beach, titled “The Reluctant Sololist.” By James H. Miller.

Electric Jellyfish and MB Solo at South By Southwest!

—December 11th, 2011

We are proud to announce that both Electric Jellyfish and Michael Beach solo have been invited to play SXSW next March.  Electric Jellyfish will tour the US from coast to coast, playing WFMU’s Saturday night show in Austin, while Michael Beach will play the SXSW showcase as a one night only show.  EJ tour dates to be announced soon! See the full SXSW lineup.

‘Mountains + Valleys’ SOLD OUT/Reissued by Tacu Tacu Records!

—December 11th, 2011

Spectacular Commodity’s limited edition cassette pressing of ‘Mountains + Valleys’ has officially SOLD OUT (see here for the few copies left in shops), but a limited run CD-R edition has been announced by Peru’s Tacu Tacu Records.  Most of those copies will be sold in South America, but a few copies will make their way overseas.  Contact the label for more information.

Here’s an in-depth review of the album from San Francisco’s Aquarius Records:

Latest from this SF by way of Australia (by way of SF again) singer/songwriter, and first with a newly formed band featuring members of Comets On Fire and the Castanets. The sound is all over the map, drifting from crunchy post punk, to woozy psychedelic drift, to countrified rust belt songsmithery, and several other stops in between.”

“Opener “Straight Spines” starts things off with a blast of low slung bass heavy post punk, definitely reminiscent of the Wipers, with a killer weird constantly shifting tempo, slowing down, then speeding right back up again, in a way the deftly makes that tempo shift an integral part of the song. Hooky and a little bit heavy, driving and catchy like crazy, and that tempo shift just kills us every time, so unexpected, but so cool.”

“Then there’s “There Is No Edge Of The World To Run To”, which sounds like some lost Uncle Tupelo outtake, Beach’s vocals rough and warmly ragged, over some simple twang and strum, darkly emotive and intense, and when the drums come in, the song becomes a cool sort of droney countrified slowcore. There’s also the drifty twangy shimmer of the title track, and the warm jangly balladic closer, “So Said The Bird”, which broods and soars, underpinned by whirring organs, the deep crooned vox wreathed in the dusty twang of the guitars, and a blurred reverby patina. Beach peppers the record with brief experimental interludes as well, which range from noisy psychedelic freakouts to woozy late night drones. Gorgeous stuff for sure.”

‘Mountains + Valleys’ now on iTunes/Spotify

—December 11th, 2011

Thanks to the kind folks at Twin Lakes Records, ‘Mountains + Valleys’ is now available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes.  Both applications share the space with a different artist with the same name, so make sure to double check that you have the correct album.

Mountains + Valleys US Tour Announced!

—September 20th, 2011

Solo European Dates Announced!!

—June 22nd, 2011

This July, Michael Beach will be playing a few special shows in France and Germany, his first ever in Europe.  Here are the dates:


July 8 @ Le Bon Accueil

Paris, France


July 9 @ La Marine

Brittany, France


July 10 @ Le Chaland Qui Passe

Binic, France


July 13 @ ‘A’ Gallery

Berlin, Germany

Electric Jellyfish Tour Announced!!

—March 22nd, 2011

Sydney Venue Changed

—March 21st, 2011

Due to the closure or Raval, the April 6th Sydney show will now take place at Curious Works in Surry Hills.

Australian Tour Announced!!

—February 6th, 2011

Here are the dates….

March 15 – MELBOURNE – The Old Bar w/ The Enclosures, Dick Diver

March 26 – HOBART – House Show w/ Transcription Organ Music, Billy Whims, and more!!

March 31 – MELBOURNE – The Empress w/ Houlette, Full Ugly

April 6 – SYDNEY – Raval w/ Caitlin Park, The Maple Trail, Matt Banham

April 8 – NEWCASTLE – The Croatian Club

Electric Jellyfish dates will be announced soon as well, so keep an eye on www.myspace.com/electricjellyfish for more details…..